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Hyman Quartz Wine Glasses

Healing Effects

Reducing stress & anxiety

🙏Some sound healing shops recommend our singing wine glass as a healing tool to reduce negative energy.

Promoting deep relaxation

With the 15-20 s healing sound, you will relax your body and feel energetic. ✨

Balancing the chakras

You can choose your favorite chakras colors to fill crystal chips in the stem.💞 Enjoy chakra balance~

Increasing mental clarity & creativity

Just use our mallet to make it sing for 15-20 s, you will increase metal clarity and creativity.🎨

  • Christopher


    Reviewed in the United States on November 18, 2022

    Love love love these! The glass unscrews from the stem?! For cleaning or storage,etc...that's genius!

  • Ashley


    Reviewed in the United States on November 14, 2022

    When these wine glasses arrived, there is a black velvet bag wrapped in the box, which is well protected. I love their separate design, which is better for cleaning and storage. As a home-mom, this is perfect.

  • Jessie


    Reviewed in Australia on November 5, 2022

    We just started using these wine glasses. So far, they seem to be exactly what we were looking for. They are a beautiful shape, and the sounds of the glass is perfect. We love drinking our red wine in these glasses.

  • Evan


    Reviewed in Australia on November 2, 2022

    This was a BD present for my GF who enjoyed the healing sounds of the glass. And she is crystal fan.

  • Michelle


    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on October 29, 2022

    Bought this for my mom, who lives in a retirement home. Every day, she and her friends gather for Happy Hour. Let me tell you, she was the queen of the ball when she showed up with it.Now, it's a permanent fixture in her walker. She takes it every day.

  • Vivian


    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on October 25, 2022

    I bought this for myself as my friend has introduced me to crystals and their energy. I love the sounds makes it feel closer to nature. I will be gifting this beautiful crystal energy wine glass to many :)


Hyman Story

For thousands of years, people have searched for the secret of happiness. 🤔More and more people are seeking eternal peace and energy from internal.

📣Since 2010, Hyman Quartz Products Ltd had focused on quartz and crystal consumer goods presenting perfect gifts for people's spiritual life. 🎉Our crystal products and sound healing instruments are very popular in Europe, North America and other parts of the world.

✨Hyman Sound Energy Wine Glass combines sound healing function and crystal energy, 99.99% pure quartz material and natural crystals. 🎵The sound with frequency 600hz -1050hz can last for 20-30 seconds. It offers a unique and wonderful drinking experience. 💕Fans around over 20 countries rushed to buy or present it to friends and family as gifts.

👏The 2022 Nobel Prize in Physics(Quantum Entanglement Theory) demonstrate that thoughts can effect substance significantly. 🙏Meditation and Vipassana are becoming main pathways towards success and happiness.

🎶If a wine glass gives you more peace and energy in daily drinking. How perfect your life may become!!

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