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Crown Chakra

Related emotions: piety, the desire for divinity and spirituality

Energy: assimilation with the eternal self, peace, and wisdom

Crown Chakra is responsible about wisdom and the sense of the world. When this chakra is active, you tend to be unbiased and very aware of the world and your existence.

If this chakra is not active, you will not detect the existence of the spiritual world. You may be thinking very limited.

If this chakra is overactive, you may overthink about things. You may be over keen about the spiritual world and ignore your physical needs.


Third Eye Chakra

Related emotions: piety, inspiration

Energy: Indigo — cleans the subconscious to lead to intuition.

Purple — Balance sanity. Understand the perfection of the divinity in all things.

The Third Eye Chakra is mainly responsible for insight and visual ability. When this chakra is active, you have good intuition and enjoy fantasy.

If this chakra is not active, you tend to rely on authority rather than your own thinking. You may rely too much on faith rather than rational criticism. You may even get prone to confusion.

If this chakra is too active, you may live in a fantasy world and, in extreme cases, may have hallucinations.


Throat Chakra

Related emotions: sadness

Energy: Language ability, to express the truth through the power of words.

The Throat Chakra is mainly responsible for self-expression and speech. When the throat chakra is active, you will express yourself freely, and you can become an artist.

When it is not active, you tend not to talk, and your personality tends to be introverted and shy. Not saying the truth may seal the chakra.

If it is overactive, you tend to talk too much, and you usually like to control the conversation so that people are not able to approach you, because you are not a good listener.


Heart Chakra

Related emotions: attachment, love

Energy: Release of emotionally suppressed trauma, soul/inner perception.

The Heart Chakra is mainly in charge of love, kindness and other general emotions. When the chakra opens, you are compassionate, friendly, and committed to harmonious relationships.

When it is inactive, you are cold and distant.

If this chakra is overactive, your overindulgence is suffocating, and usually there are fairly selfish reasons behind your love.

Heart Chakra and Root Chakra can often be compared to watch together, a Heart Chakra development bad people, is not good at showing his love to others, but also not easy to accept the care of others ', so often alone, often a person anxious, they need not only a person can enlighten them, they also need to learn to trust others.

The Heart Chakra represents a kind of balance, and the Heart Chakra is the bridge between god and human nature. When the development of the first three chakras and the next three chakras are unbalanced, the development of the Heart Chakra will also be affected.


Solar Plexus Chakra

Related emotions: get angry

Energy: absorption, digestion of experience, active use of personal power, show goals.

The Solar Plexus Chakra mainly controls how you feel in the group. When the Solar Plexus Chakra is active, you feel in control and have enough confidence.

When the Solar Plexus Chakra is not active, you tend to make passive and difficult decisions. You may become submissive and unable to get what you want.

If this chakra is hyperactive, you may be highly controlling and aggressive.


Sacral Chakra

Related emotions: desire, sexuality, greed

Energy: the use of creativity in all aspects of life, advanced soul reproduction, to dedication.

Sacral Chakra is mainly charge of emotion and sexual desire. When the chakra is on, your emotions are free and not overemotional. You are open to intimate relationships. You feel passionate and energetic.

People who started this chakra, we can think that he knows his own self-opinion, is able to correctly understand things, distinguish right from wrong, can take the initiative to stay away from the wrong theory, and know how to plan and think.

If you usually feel stiff, emotional, or often expression, the chakra is not yet yet on, and you take a closed attitude to others.

If Sacral Chakra is overactive, you are always overemotional. You will be emotionally over attached to someone you think is sexy.


Root Chakra

Related emotions: greed, fear, frightened

Energy: Implement the spiritual strength in the body, and gain the ability to act with love at the material level.

The energy of the Root Chakra is mainly in charge of the connection with the body, making people feel safe and assured. If the Root Chakra is active, you will feel "planted on the earth", stable and safe. You don't unnecessarily doubt others. You feel alive in the present moment, and closely connected to your body. You feel like you have a full sense of domain.

If you tend to feel fear or tension, your Root Chakra may not be open. It's easy to feel unpopular.

If your Root Chakra is overactive, you may have a strong physical desire and greed, and you may be too eager for stability and refuse to change.

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