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Human facial features: smell, hearing, taste, touch, and vision, the first developed is hearing. The ears, like breathing, work naturally about 24 hours a day. When we wake up from the morning light, we will hear the sound first, maybe the alarm bell, maybe a bird call, maybe the sound of car outside, or the sound of the family talking, gradually clear. When the night comes, we sleep heavily, will feel the sound slowly become far, become light, gradually silent.

Sound, in silently affecting our emotions. More and more scientists have proved that listening to our favorite sounds can slow you down your breathing, that soothing your breathing can slow down your heart rate, that your blood can flow more smoothly, and that music or sound is helpful to relax your mood.

And modern people, especially urbanite, all day nowhere to escape is surrounded by all kinds of urban noise: construction noise, vehicle horn sound, elevator advertising, mobile phone bell... This lot of noise surrounds the city, without stopping, and masks the few natural sounds. When people gradually get used to the existence of various noises, perhaps they instinctively ignore these uncomfortable noises, and let them affect our body and mind.


The principle and function of sound healing

A good sound can relax yourself and achieve the healing effects. What is sound healing? Can it cure?

Healing and curing are different. If have a cold or a headache, see a doctor, after taking medicine or injection, the head is not painful, can say the headache was cured.

Sound healing refers to the opportunity that, through the external stimulation of sound, it helps the body to focus and tune, and to slowly find the sound of balance. That is, use sound to create self-balanced energy and return to a harmonious, balanced state.

Most diseases in modern people are related to emotions, and the following effects can be achieved through the regulation of sound healing:

Reduce the worry, anger, exhaustion, fear, and loneliness caused by stress; Improve insomnia, neurological disorders, physical pain, migraine and so on; Relax your muscles and enter into deep relaxation and meditation; Activate the meridians, reduce the obstruction, and improve the blood circulation; Improve immunity; Balance the body system; Develop a more acute perception.

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