How to choose your wine glass? I wanna say...

People who really love to drink wine must have the experience of running around the restaurant with their wine glasses held. Where the wine is, where the wine friends are, where the cup is, the fun of the layman will never understand, they will even be with a disdain to look to see you.

In fact, in order not to let the restaurant's cheap goblet or even tempered cup destroy a good bottle, it is very important to prepare some suitable and practical wine glasses, which determines the taste of the wine and even your mood.

Choosing wine cups need to pay attention to the cup shape and material, do not necessarily have to pursue the so-called brand and popularity. So when choosing a glass, keep in mind.

First, transparent material. There are glass and crystal wine glass in common. Crystal glass is more clear with pleasant sound and is easier to stay in the wine aroma. Crystal toughness is very good, can be very thin, more clearly see the color of the wine, help us know alcohol level of the wine etc.

Second, shape of wine glass belly. The mouth of a standard wine glass should be smaller than the wine glass belly. The wine aroma will not spread easily, while the wine belly should be large enough to not spread the wine easily to help release the aroma of the wine.

Third, use a goblet. Wine is very sensitive to the temperature, choose a goblet can avoid the temperature of the palm affecting the temperature and destroying the taste of the wine.

The last but not least, prepare a variety of glass types or a universal wine glass for wine learners.

The diversity of wine glass is precisely because of the diversity of wine styles, so, as an authentic wine lover, it is necessary to prepare multiple glasses of different sizes and functions, for the wine to maximize the advantages and flavor of the wine. For those who are learning about tasting, the ISO glass is the best choice. It is not only a wine glass formulated by the International Organization for Standardization, but also a learning cup officially recognized by WSET. The glass has a tulip shape, which gathers the aroma and is slightly smaller, which better controls the pour to avoid errors affecting the sensory experience of the two reviews. Of course, an ordinary universal glass is also okay, generally, the universal glass is generally moderate glass belly, the cup mouth is slightly contracted, both red wine and white wine are very suitable.

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