How to do the meditation and what are the benefits? You need to know...

The benefits of meditation as below:

Supplement energy, such as noon with meditation instead of lunch break; Effectively relieve and adjust emotions and pressure;

Adjust the heart, tame the troubles, so that we restore the body, the peace of mind;

In daily life, stay aware, focus and relax;

Quickly improve self-control and reshape our brain circuits;

Stay quietly with yourself for a while, leave some time to rest in your body and mind;

One of the best ways to train the brain in metacognition;

Help us to understand ourselves, perceive ourselves, and become our own observers.

The method of meditation:

There are many stories on the Internet about how to meditate, such as listening to music and imagining yourself in the clouds or by the sea. The method of meditation, if unfolded, can be very detailed.

If the least and necessary knowledge, in the way I have learned, it can be briefly summarized into three aspects:

1.straighten your back to keep your air veins smooth

2.continuous, slowly exhaled three breaths, discharge the carbon dioxide in the body, feel the whole body is relaxed

3.Focus on breathing or among people. When attention runs or jumps away, return back to breathing or human


About the sitting posture, someone asked, do you have to sit cross-legged (two legs cross, or scattered disc, single disc, double disc)? Uncertain.

Cross-legged sitting, if possible, is recommended. If it's not convenient, sit straight in a chair. For example, many people will usually lie on the table for a while during a nap, and they can try to sit straight on the back and focus on breathing. Just 5 minutes, let the busy brain and the nervous heart all relax down, recover from the anxiety, fatigue, just like waking up naturally from a deep sleep in general. By the afternoon, the head was awake and energetic.

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