Open the door of healing crystal worlds to feel their energies. You will find ...

Crystal, is the substance of the earth's native energy, it has the utility of carrying energy. So using different crystals has different meanings.

Below, I’ll highlight some popular healing crystals:

Clear Quartz

It is considered to be a complex with all the energy, everyone can adapt to its energy, clear quartz with its own magnetic field to help people clean up the chaotic magnetic field, improve the gathered front magnetic field, so it won the title of the king of crystal.


Amethyst is a social stone, can enhance people's social ability, enhance the reaction ability in communication, improve intuition and subconscious, improve too introverted or shy situation. Amethyst corresponds to the Crown chakra, so using or wearing amethyst can enhance self-confidence and learning ability.


For people who often have insomnia and many dreams, wearing or using lapis lazuli is undoubtedly a good choice, lapis lazuli corresponding to the Third Eye Chakra of the human body, to a certain extent can relieve mental pressure, help sleep, reduce the sense of anxiety caused by insomnia.

If you use your brain for a long time or are often busy, you can use lapis lazuli appropriately, which can keep people think clearly and face some emergencies calmly. If children wear or use it, can promote growth and development, protect safe; the elderly can help sober, healthy.

Rose Quartz

As you may have guessed, rose quartz is all about love and new relationships. It emits a gentle and attractive pink glow that can help improve relationships. It can also improve your relationship with your partner and bring you a happy emotional life.

That also means that rose quartz is thought to bring about a sense of inner peace (love within yourself). Many people believe that rose quartz restores trust and harmony, encourages reconciliation and empathy, and improves your close connections. In addition, it’s claimed that this crystal provides comfort and calm during times of grief.


Citrine is often associated with the yellow, solar plexus chakra. When put on your belly while resting, it’s thought to give an instant jolt of confidence. It’s thought to help you release fear and turn it into optimism, motivation, clarity and end the feeling of being stuck. People claim that it helps with creativity and concentration and bring joy and enthusiasm to your life.

Citrine also represents the material and wealth, can affect the material life and your fortune, so it is also known as the stone of wealth.


Once you have the crystals for healing that you want, make sure you cleanse them regularly. There are many ways to do this but one of the easiest methods is just to leave them in a windowsill for a day so that the moon and sun can recharge them. If you don't, the energy that was absorbed into the crystal previously could be transferred back to you.

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