Sound healing helps to find my true self and start a change of life.

Why should there be the current obstacles, troubles and pain, what is entangled in the heart that should be natural and unrestrained freely, and what is hindered to open themselves, people are constantly trapped in it.

All the answers are in the heart, but the lack of an opportunity, let us effectively "knock on" it... Combine sound healing and yoga to lead people to focus on body and mind balance and open the door to awaken. We meet because of the sound healing, experience the baptism of rest and awakening, we will all gain a new understanding of life.



Advertising planning practitioners, used to live a high-intensity life of work at 9:00 and 12:30. In order to hold video conferences, they never travel with high-speed trains, and watching movies is basically fast forward.

She once felt that she was very efficient and could deal with many problems at the same time. When the body appeared red signals, she found that it is not worth flaunting, which is actually a phenomenon of physical and mental imbalance.

"I hope that sound healing can slow myself down, see what I am doing, change my way of life, and return my life to my physical and mental balance.”



Working in a fast-paced city, an operator who manages the entire company , living a very fast-paced life, and getting lost in the constant pursuit.

Exposed to yoga and sound therapy while traveling , I found that life is not only one way to go, but also another way.

"I hope it helps to learn to listen to my heart, find more determined answers, and find a path that really suits me.”



A medical researcher, when her own physical problems, through medical tests can not detect any abnormal, found that the original psychological and emotional problems. Her doctor advised to exercise, followed yoga and sound healing classes even when she was busy, began to pay attention to her body and accept her problems, and things gradually got better.

As a medical worker, her work is busy and boring, and she also needs to deal with family and children.

 "I hope that I can have some time for myself outside of my busy work and get along well with myself. I also hope that I can give back to my life and work through the healing brought by my voice."


After sound healing and yoga, they all find their new life.

Simona hit the pause button on her life, began to listen to the language of her body, to return to herself, to accept herself. David also has a firm answer for the road of life.

Anita feels that the training has enriched her life and gained the knowledge she wants. She is also confident that sound therapy will make her life and career better and better.

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