We make this healing energy wine glass. What does our wine glass bring with you? Well......

The designer made this wine glass for two reasons. One is to make drink lovers to have double fun not only just drinking but also enjoying this cheerful sound. With this cheerful sound, you will get relaxed and move away bad moods. Another one is to make it as a new healing instrument for sound healing. We designs this collapsible wine glass, put chakra crystal chips to fill the stem. People who need sound healing will be healed by this sound and keep chakra balance.

Our healing energy wine glass brings you many energies as below,

Reducing stress and anxiety;

Stimulating the immune system;

Increasing energy levels;

Eliminating anger and lowering blood pressure;

Improving circulation and blood flow;

Promoting deep relaxation;

Inhibiting and relieving pain;

Combating negative energy and emotions;

Strengthening intuition;

Improving sleep;

Aiding digestion;

Balancing the chakra;

Helping achieve an elevated state of consciousness;

Increasing mental clarity and creativity;

Promoting happiness and stillness.

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