What is singing wine glass? Why do some sound healing shop use it as a new healing instrument?

You may have doubted if the wine glass could sing, maybe just a trick. Actually it does really sing for a while and we have different ways to make it sing.

When you tap it with your finger, just cheers, use our mallet or use cork of wine bottle, you will get a 20-30 s healing and cheerful sound. With 99.99% quartz and crystal materials, different wine glasses have different sounds.

The sound of singing wine glass can improve physical, emotion health and well being, improve sleep, promote chakra balance etc.

Some sound healing shops from Canada, USA, Europe, Australia purchase them as a new healing instrument. Our customers also love this cool and fashion design cause we put chakra crystals in the stem which brings chakra balance.

Would you like to try this new healing instrument? Come to adopt yours.

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